Our Varieties

Except for Spartan, all of our apples are scab-free varieties and may not be familiar to you. Although unique, we get a lot of positive feedback from our customers on the tastes of our apples. We hope you will try for yourself!

is an early apple and is great for eating and cooking. It has a sweet flavour and keeps its shape in pies.

another another scab-free apple, very similar to McIntosh, slightly tart and great for eating. We use this apple when we make candy and caramel apples.

multi-purpose apple, good for fresh eating, sauce, and juice. Color is red stripe over yellow background with a cream-colored, medium-firm flesh.. As far as I know, I am the only grower in PEI of this variety; so if you are looking for Freedom, come visit us!

dark red dessert apple that keeps well.

similar to Red Delicious, this scab-free apple is crunchy and juicy, with a refreshing flavor.