Educational and general interest tours are available for a nominal fee. We can accommodate large groups and can customize the tour based on the age and interest of the participants.

For schools (kindergarten through grade twelve) the charge is three dollars per person and is about 90 minutes duration. For other groups, please contact us to discuss particulars.

General topics will include:

  • overview of our farm and how we started
  • how to plant an apple tree
  • some of the challenges to growing apples (bugs, diseases, animals)
  • how we overcome these challenges
  • organic techniques we use
  • interesting facts about apples and trees
  • taste apples and cider
  • and moreÂ…..I do talk for 90 minutes!

As time permits, I will be posting some educational material that can be used before and/or after the tour in the classroom. Look for this later this fall.

We conducted our first tour in 1993; one of our sons was in grade two at Westwood Primary in Cornwall and we thought it would be interesting for them to see their class-mate’s farm and learn some interesting things about fruit production. The following year, we had all six classes of Westwood grade two students and word quickly spread! We try to make the material interesting and present it to their level. Neither of us come from a farming background; all that we have learned about apple growing has been from experience; it has been an interesting journey for us and we are happy to share our success and challenges.

Mike was a teacher at Holland College and tried to juggle hosting tours with his regular work duties and often had to turn down tour requests. He retired from teaching this past spring, so will have more time to host tours during the fall; so contact us anytime to arrange your tour.

Mike or Carol (902) 566-4135